Valdi Europa 3G - Triple glazed windows for energy efficient homes

The Valdi Europa 3G is our energy efficient range designed to meet today’s increased commitment to saving energy and reducing carbon impact. These can be fitted to any home and are especially important for new build eco-homes where heat loss and carbon foot print is especially significant.

Triple glazing is fitted to our flush casement windows along with warm edge spacer bars creating centre pane U values as low as 0.6. Combine these ratings with timbers such as hardwood meranti or softwood pine and you have the perfect answer for your green home. All windows are tested using our in house calculation system meeting European regulations which form part of the new part L compliance for overall window energy ratings. Don’t forget that wood is also a sustainable material which adds to your green credentials.

These windows are invaluable in areas with high levels of noise, such as main roads or busy city centres. The triple glazing cuts out a significant amount of noise and the timber profiles also act brilliantly as a sound barrier when compared with other materials such as UPVC or Aluminium.

Triple glazing can be fitted to all our products from folding sliding doors, to front doors and fixed gable glazing. Glazing is typically standard or toughened glass due to the reduced weight and thickness, all sill depths are available as are floating mullions for fire safety; however trickle vents are very rarely fitted.

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