Casement Windows

Our premier choice window is our flush casement system. Designed in a very similar way to a storm proof casement, the seal sections are rebated into the frame rather than over the front edge producing a very waterproof and energy efficient window without the untidy look typical of other casement windows. Double seals are incorporated into the jambs of the frame giving you extra protection from driving wind and rain.

Produced with smart fuss free profiles that match the style of our folding sliding doors and French doors. Completely bespoke we can create any style of window including arched heads and rounds windows meaning that no matter what the age of your home these will not look out of place.

All windows are fitted as standard with laminated glass. This is where a clear film is bonded to the glass meaning that even if someone smashes your window they can't get through as the pieces are held in place. This is very important for both security and safety. It also means that should you accidently break the window and it's the weekend you are not left with a gaping hole that needs an emergency glazier or requires boarding up.

Various sill depths are available to fit your property exactly, giving you the freedom to build your home the way you and your architect want (see sill depths).

Friction hinges are the most popular choice as they mean that no hinge knuckles are seen from the outside which also makes it harder for thieves to gain entry to you house. For customers who require a more traditional look we are happy to offer a butt hinged system with window stays.

Windows can be manufactured to meet current fire safety regulations even if it means having a floating mullion to enable a clear opening sufficient for building regulations, please call us to discuss your requirements with one of our professional staff.

Trickle vents can also be added for homes that require them or for areas of poor ventilation. (please note these are not fitted as standard)

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Dual Colour option available so that you can match the exterior of you building while having a different colour inside, perhaps to match a kitchen or interior colour scheme.
Espagnolette locking system for perfect security and ease of operation
Lockable window handles in a range of colours.
Friction hinges allow the window to stop in any position without the need of a window stay, Easy Clean system means that you can also move the window to the centre of the frame for ease of maintenance and for external window cleaning from the inside.
Double seals for improved protection against driving wind and rain.
Comb/Finger joints for strength and durability that is unmistakable.
Laminated glass as standard giving improved security especially against physical attack. Range of obscured and patterned glass available.
Flush face for a smart appearance and ease of maintenance.
Friction hinges are not visible from the inside or outside and traditional Butt Hinges with stays are available for a more traditional look.
Various sill depths to suit the wall depth of your property.
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