Are your folding sliding doors and other products bespoke?

Yes we are bespoke and will be happy to discuss producing products that fall outside the "norm". Examples of this may be doors with half glazing or one door larger that the others for wheel chair access. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. Windows will not automatically meet fire egress so you must advise us of these requiremnts.

Also we will where ever possible allow you to adapt our standard system to suit your needs such as blinds within the glass, half lock casements, or just to match existing handles.

For a complete list of definitions please see our Glossary otherwise see below for common questions.

What is a comb joint?

It is the reslut of cutting alternate slots into opposing timbers so that they fit tightly together much like interlocking your hands together. This results in a very strong and tidy join between the two peices of wood

What is the difference in timber choices?

Although we can look at producing doors in any type of timber we typically use Oak, Meranti and slow grown Pine. All timbers are engineered to ensure better timber quality and stop warping or distortion seen in one piece solid timbers

European Oak – Hardwood that has a wide and interesting pattern to its grain. Very hard and durable and is nearly always sold with a natural of light stain finish. Dual colour is an alternative if you require a painted finish on the outside to match other windows/doors while keeping the oak look inside.

Meranti Mahogany – A durable hardwood extensively used in joinery. This timber has a more linear grain and more uniform patern than Oak however can be stained to look the same and in doing so offer a cheaper alternative to the premium choice of Oak. Alternatively it can also be painted for those who wish to go for a hardwood over a softwood.

Pine – Softwood that is grown slowly to insure that the majority of the timber is knot free. Generally we will always advise going for a painted finish. Much cheaper that oak and idigbo due to it being a softwood. Can mark/damage more easily but will last just as well as hardwood if maintained correctly. Softwood doors will always have oak sills for durability.

How do I order and take measurements?

We can give full guidance when placing an order to ensure that you get the best possible results. Measurements can be taken by you or your contractor/architect. Measuring guidance can be found in our CAD section. All configurations must be shown from the outside and any windows requiring fire egress must be marked clearly. Typically we advise that the opening must be measured across the width and height multiple times to insure that the walls are level and equal. The opening must be 10mm wider and 10mm-15mm taller than the frame size to be fitted. We can conduct a site survey if you would prefer, call us for details.

What is a trickle vent?

A trickle vent is usually seen at the top of a window or door frame. When in the open position it provides a small amount of air flow to provide background ventilation. Most rooms require background ventilation and you should check with your local building inspector to see if they are required. If in doubt it is better to have them fitted as they cannot be added after installation.

How secure are folding sliding doors?

Our doors are fitted with either a sash lock with shoot bolts top and bottom providing a 3 point locking system. Or we recommend that you opt for our multipoint locking system which operates by lifting the handle. This system is what most insurance companies recommend. For extra security All main locks are a 10pin euro lock. All doors are internally beaded for extra resistance to forced entry and our glass is toughened double glazing.

Can folding sliding doors be painted or stained?

All products can be stained or painted. Stains are typically Sikkens and you can choose from a wide range from natural through to ebony. Paint finishes are typically a Polyurethane finish that give excellent durability and allows customers to match existing window colours or existing UPVC. Colour choices are almost unlimited and are chosen from a RAL colour chart that can be obtained from your local paint merchant.

How are the doors and windows fitted?

We offer customers a full fitting service and will be happy to provide you with a quote for this. Alternatively you may wish to have your own tradesperson fit them for you. Fitting of our doors is very straight forward and full guidance is given via our manual. Although they are not a DIY job any competent professional or carpenter should have no problems.

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