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Virtually any configuration possible. Up to 8 doors and over 6 meters in one direction.
Top hung or bottom track hinge systems allowing almost effortless opening. Tested to 50,000 and 100,000 cycles and guaranteed for 10 years. Choice of colours, all made from highest grade stainless steel.
Full choice of solid engineered wood. Standard options are Oak, Hardwood Mahogany or Softwood Pine.
Full choice of natural wood stains and virtually unlimited choice of paint colours and finishes in RAL and NCS.
Full choice of handles and multipoint locking system for extra safety when leaving via this door.
11 different sill options available from a standard timber sill, to an external flush sill with stainless steel base plate and drainage channel or bottom tracks for green oak homes.
Mortice and tenon and comb joints demonstrate our craftsmanship and commitment to durability and strength.
Laminated or toughened softcoat glass ensuring extra safety and security, reduction of weight and an excellent 1.1 U value. U Value calculations for each product for exact energy ratings.

Valdi probably have more experience and knowledge than any other timber manufacturer in the UK and have lead the way in design and innovation seen throughout the industry today. However for those of you just starting out and learning the good from the bad we hope the following information helps.

The concept of folding sliding doors originally came from countries with much warmer climates than our own, where commercial bar/restaurant owners and home owners wanted to open their buildings up and enjoy the weather while still being inside, out of the direct heat of the sun. Traditionally buildings would have multiple French doors as this was seen as the only way to maximize the openings. The alternative, a sliding patio door, would always have at least one panel in the way.

When folding sliding doors came onto the scene it revolutionized everything as it meant that a whole wall could be opened up allowing owners of restaurants and bars to give their patrons an "inside outside" option without compromise.

Originally very expensive the average home owner was priced out of the market. Also doors would often require large heavy top/bottom runners. However, time has passed and folding sliding doors have now come a long way. Hinge manufacturers such as Centor and Valdi have near perfected the hinge designs and as such these tried and tested doors have become hugely popular with people around the world. With our warming climate and our lust to enjoy our homes and gardens, folding sliding doors are the only modern choice and a great way of enjoying those Indian summers.

Folding sliding doors can be made in any configuration but typically buyers will look for one that allows for the first panel to become an everyday door and in doing so eradicate the need for an extra back door.

Our experience in bi-fold doors has helped various businesses across the UK however many of the production methods and skills we use are still kept under wraps. Sometimes innovation can come at a cost and our knowledge and testing over the years has meant problems and the areas of weakness in production are eliminated and this is something even the trained eye may not see but are vital to products that last for years to come.

Well known for our professional approach to all jobs we will suggest and consider all options and discuss fully all your needs. Our team members are trained in CAD design and a large number of our sales staff are also skilled in joinery and construction so that we can advise customer, builder and architects. That is why we are the first choice for repeat clients and architects looking for something unique.

With all that said we do not mark up our prices simply because we are bespoke and rather look to offer great products and services at reasonable prices. Why not find out for yourself, quotes are free quick and easy and if you call us we will discuss the options in a straight forward manner. Whether you need one small folding sliding door or a whole house we are happy to help

Don't compromise on one of the most important parts of your home.

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