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Gable Glazing or Gable end panels can be produced in many different ways to achieve the look you want. Luckly ar Valdi we can make that dream come true. Our team can draw up any designs to make sure that the style matches your folding sliding doors below or simply give you a seemless look for wonderful views or extra light. Ideally we would like to be involved early on as we can help advise architects and structural engineers so that the design and project go smoothly. Whether you want arched or angled pannels, ones to match other doors or even fixed glazing around a door or french doors we can help. Contact us and we will be happy to guide you through all aspects.

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Dual Colour option available so that you can match the exterior of you building while having a different colour inside, perhaps to match a kitchen or interior colour scheme.
Extra cladding is available to cover steel beams, posts or just to help tie in the appearence of your home.
Triangular, arched and odd shaped products can be made to suit you designs. Alternativley we can CAD draw and design your panels to suit the opening.
Fixed panels can be made with a dummy pannel to match our other products such as folding sliding doors. Normal fixed panels increase the amount of glass and mullions can be designed to suit your designs or other parts of the property.
All Valdi products can be fitted with a range of glass types, from laminated glass for added security to solar reflective galss for areas of extreme sunlight or even self cleaning and tripple glazing.
Various sill depths to suit the wall depth of your property.

Gable Glazing

Our beautifully designed gable and large fixed panels are often the choice for extensions and new homes where home owners want to increase light, give a "WOW!" factor to a project or simply add to the design of the project.

Produced in two main ways. Either a frame with glazing or a frame with a dummy/false panel to match other doors and windows. See our fixed panel section of the website for more information.

Gable ends can be glazed using our standard laminated glass that is argon filled to give fantastic energy ratings or you can upgrade and choose solar reflective glass to reduce the heat entering the house during hot sunny days, self cleaning glass to keep the glass cleaner for longer in those hard to reach areas. Or why not go for our triple glazing wich is ideal for modern and eco homes with centre U values of as low as 0.6U

Various sill depths are available to fit your property exactly, giving you the freedom to build your home the way you and your architect want (see sill depths).

Intergal blinds can be fitted if you want that extra privacy




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