Sash Windows

Designed for homes 100 years ago and still loved today, we have kept many traditional features and have perfected much of the design to utilise modern seals, locks and double glazing as well as understanding the weak areas where these windows tend to deteriorate and later rot.

We offer two main styles of sash window. The first is a very traditional style with weights and pulleys designed to closely match existing Victorian sash windows or Box sash windows. These are primarily finished by hand and as such take a little longer to produce. Because of the way these windows fit into the property and often the varying wall thicknesses it is essential that all dimensions are correctly measured to insure an accurate installation.

The second type are produced using simplified or smarter styling as we find that they tie in better with more modern homes or new builds that have been built to replicate an older style property. The other main difference is that they are hung using sprung sash balances instead of weights and pulleys making them easier to repair. Do call us direct for more information and to discuss your exact needs.

These windows are made with toughened or laminated glass, various sill depths and trickle vents where required.

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