Tilt & Turn Windows

We offer a range of tilt & turn windows. These work quite differently to the majority of UK windows.

Firstly they open inwards rather than outwards, useful in some instances.

Secondly, as the name suggests they are multi functioning. Turn your handle 90 degrees and the window opens in a traditional manner hinging on the left or right like a door. Close the window and turn the handle 180 degrees and now the top of the window tilts out towards you, giving perfect ventilation without compromising security.

These windows are very popular in areas such as ground floor bedrooms or studies where the means of fire escape or a door to the garden is needed while also providing some secure ventilation on a summers evening.

These windows are built to the same high standards as our other windows and have the same glass, sill depths, trickle vent and floating mullion options as our flush casement window. Please call us to discuss your requirements with us.

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